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The worldwide economic globalization creates a highly complex environment for strategic decisions. Today’s global environment has made it particularly competitive to hire Talents capable of bringing a major competitive edge. We believe that in challenging times, it is even more crucial to hire the best Talents. Companies who will be most successful will be those who effectively align their talent pool with their ambitious strategy and goals.

CrossLinks Executive Search is mandated by its clients to attract, motivate and evaluate high potential candidates who will be crucial to our clients’ success

Our commitment to our clients is an efficient tailor-made service:

  • Retained search assignments.
  • Deep study of the specific environment and needs: business strategy, company culture, market analysis.
  • Conducting the search strategy to identify the best candidates to fit the values and requirements of the position specifications.
  • Continuous and close dialogue throughout the search process with regular progress reports.
  • Evaluation of professional competencies and soft skills through in-depth personal interviews with the qualified candidates and during the final stage reference checking for the selected candidate.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive report on the shortlisted candidates analyzing professional skills and personal characteristics to highlight suitabilities for the position.
  • Assistance and transparent advice during the final negotiations to prepare the offer and contract to help finalize the search.
  • Follow-up of the placed candidate to ensure best integration success.

We comply with the standards set by our profession :

  • Professionnalism – Conduct our activities in a manner that reflects favorably on the profession.
  • Integrity – Conduct our business activities with integrity and avoid deceptive or misleading conducts.
  • Objectivity – Exercise objective and impartial judgment in each consulting assignment, giving full consideration to all relevant facts.
  • Conflicts of interest – Avoided or resolved through disclosure conflicts of interest.
  • Confidentiality – Respect confidential information entrusted to us by appropriate parties to the assignment.
  • Equal opportunity – Support without reservation the principles of equal opportunity in employment.

Our assignments cover C-level positions virtually in the breadth of all functional expertise within the Consumer, Luxury, Fashion, Cosmetics and Retail sectors. We also have a strong know how in the Industry sector.

All Crosslinks Partners have developed a strong expertise in the business sectors in which they operate. They master the specific issues and the competitive industry challenges.

We recruit by direct approach the following functions:

– CEO, Managing Director / Head of Business Unit

– Marketing, Sales and International Sales

– Retail, Merchandising

– Design, Product Development



– Operations Department: Industrial, Suply Chain, Purchasing

– R & D, Quality Management

– Digital (CDO, CTO) & CIO

We assist our clients in their strategic recruitments through talent mapping, specific surveys and benchmarking studies, on compensation and organisations.

An additional personality appraisal is offered using a range of tools and questionnaires according to the position and requested personal skills.

This appraisal helps deepen the candidate’s personality, strengths and areas of improvement by providing additional analysis shared with the candidate. It also helps identify more precisely the key factors for a successful career in the Company’s culture.

Executive Coaching

We offer our clients executive coaching and support for their high potential leaders in times of change or promotion in order to develop their managerial skills and enhance their potential. Coaching also facilitates retention of top talents accelerating their career development.

“The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones”               John Maynard Keynes

Interview with Michel Felisa Partner Coach, Crosslinks Executive Search. Fichier PDF


  • Companies are key learning environments for Managers as challenges are opportunities to grow, to improve competencies and enhance one’s potential.
  • To deal with complexity and paradoxes, it is essential to be self-aware, improve one’s way of thinking and behavior to express one’s hidden potential and creativity.
  • The aim of the Coach is to support the executive in analyzing his beliefs and behaviors in order to facilitate teamwork to achieve their strategic goals.
  • The coaching process is focused on pragmatic targets agreed upon a mutual contract between the company, the executive coachee and the coach.

 The learning objectives

  • To prepare the executive to assume new responsibilities or to change to another position.
  • To develop managerial/leadership skills.
  • To improve interpersonal and assertiveness skills.
  • To build and inspire his/her team.
  • To enhance his/her ability to adapt to different working environments and to communicate more easily with various types of personalities.
  • To manage conflicts.

Main steps for success

  • A 1st interview establishes the motivation of the executive to be willing to change. It also helps develop mutual trust between the executive and the coach in order to maximize their collaboration.
  • A 2nd interview between the executive being coached, his superior, the HRD and the coach, consolidates the objectives of the coaching process. It also leads to a better understanding of the executive’s issues and his working environment.
  • Our coaching sessions alternate between theorical presentations and practical exercises in view of the executive’s current challenges. Each session results in the implementation of an action plan for the executive to be analyzed at the following meeting.
  • Coaching usually takes place during a 6 month period.
  • The coach understands and ensures that the coaching relationship reflects the context within which the coaching is taking place.
  • The coach ensures that the expectations of the client and the sponsor are understood and that they themselves understand how those expectations are to be met.
  • The coach seeks to create an environment in which client, coach and sponsor are focused on and have the opportunity for learning.
  • The coach maintains throughout the level of confidentiality which is appropriate and is agreed at the start of the relationship. He discloses information only where explicitly agreed with the client and sponsor (where one exists), unless the coach believes that there is convincing evidence of serious danger to the client or others if the information is withheld.
  • The coach acts within applicable law and does not encourage, assist or collude with others engaged in conduct which is dishonest, unlawful, unprofessional or discriminatory.
  • The coach responds to the client’s learning and development needs as defined by the agenda brought to the coaching relationship.
  • The coach demonstrates respect for variety of different approaches to coaching and for other individuals in the profession. He never represents the work and views of others as their own.
  • The coach ensures that any claim of professional competence, qualifications or accreditation is clearly and accurately explained to potential clients and that no false or misleading claims are made or implied in any published material.
  • Onboarding coaching: to support the executive in his new position during his first 100 days to ensure a successful integration.
  • Self-affirmation coaching: to develop leadership skills, increase self-confidence and self-esteem and improve prioritizing skills.
  • Interpersonal skills coaching: to help the executive be less confrontational in his communication style and to help him better manage a stressful environment.
  • Change management coaching: to help the executive overcome a past failure and to help him lead his team towards a new organization adding new momentum.
  • Reorientation phase: to help executives to review and assess their professional career in order to have a better vision of their future and possibly make the decision to launch their own business.
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